Adoption fees are as follows:

  • A puppy 10 mos and under is $500. First and second shots, microchip and neuter or spay included. Families will also be required to enroll puppies in basic obedience classes at their own cost. Proof of completion is required to finalize the adoption.
  • A dog 11 mos and older is $450
  • A senior (9+ years) is $250
  • A bonded pair is $450.
*Fee includes Pawscout tracker for collar.

Other Cost Considerations:

At Ice Foundation K9 Rescue, we take lost dog prevention very seriously! The transition into a new home can be a stressful and scary experience for even the most well-adjusted dog. During this time, your dog is more likely to be a flight risk and extra precaution should be taken to secure them at all times.

In addition to the adoption fee, families must have on their scheduled pick-up day the following safety supplies:

  • Martingale (not flat) collar - When fitted correctly, a martingale collar is comfortable and virtually impossible to slip out of.
  • Harness & seat belt for car - One of the top ways people lose pets is during car travel. You can purchase the seat belt at most pet stores for around $15. NEVER attach the safety belt to a collar as this could result in fatal injury in the event of an accident. It should be used with a harness only. Never let your dog ride in the front seat. An airbag deployment can result it fatal injury.
  • Leash - NO retractable leashes. These are dangerous and result in avoidable accidents and lost dogs.
  • ID tag for collar - these can be purchases at any pet store and will be engraved with your phone number and the dog’s name.

Ice Foundation K9 Rescue was founded in Wallacetown, ON, however we are foster-based rescue which means we do not have a physical shelter. Our dogs stay in private homes across the Elgin county, London and Kitchener area

To adopt one of our dogs, please fill out an application here. Although we do our best to reply to all inquiries within 72 hours, please remember we are a 100% volunteer based organization, and many of us have full time jobs outside of rescue. We appreciate your patience.

If after reviewing your application, we think it may be a potential fit, an Ice Foundation K9 Rescue volunteer will contact you to set up a time to speak over the phone. The phone call usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Our priority is to ensure the fit is right for both you and the dog, so feel free to ask as many questions as you would like! After the phone interview, we will reach out to your personal and veterinarian references (if applicable), and your landlord (if applicable). A ICE volunteer will also contact you to arrange a home visit.

After the phone interview, home visit & reference check, you will then be granted a private meet and greet with the dog.

The adoption committee will then review your completed application and make a final decision.

ICE Foundation K9 Rescue is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive post-adoption support system.

Our post-adoption team is available to support you through basic transitional challenges. It is important to note though that although we have a great deal of experience, WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS. While we are happy to support you, our business is pairing dogs in need with appropriate families, and not providing free behavioral advice. We will advise you if and when we feel it is appropriate to contact a professional.

**ICE Foundation K9 Rescue reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.

As a policy we do not adopt outside of the London area (3 hour radius) for several reasons. In addition to the phone interview, our adoption process requires a meet and greet with the dog and a home visit. Our volunteer base is limited to London and as such home visits outside this range cannot be accommodated. It’s also very important to us that it’s a good fit for both the dog and the family and as such, after the meet and greet we allow both the prospective family and the foster to reflect on how it went. There is no guarantee that if you made the trip to London and area, you would be going home with the dog.

As a full service adoption agency we strive to provide a high level of post adoption support and do require that if for any reason you are unable to keep the dog the dog, that it is surrendered back to us. Out of province adoptions make it challenging (and unlikely) that the dog would be returned to us, and we do not have the volunteer resources to travel out of province to retrieve the dog.

We recommend contacting your local humane society or shelter, setting your search parameters to include local rescues!

Our number one priority is to ensure the best possible fit for both you and the dog. Our adoption success rate is due in large part to the rigor we take in screening each family. Some of the top reasons dogs end up in shelters are lack of training, lifestyle changes (i.e. new baby, marriage), relocation, cost of dog ownership, not enough time for pet etc. Our goal is to ensure our adoptive families are well versed in the realities of dog ownership and ready to make a lifetime commitment. Your patience during our screening process is greatly appreciated.

To minimize the disruption to the lives of both our dogs and our foster families, only applicants that have completed the phone screen portion of the adoption process will be granted a private meet and greet with the dog. Occasionally, we will host adoption events in which anybody is welcome to come by and meet the dogs. Please note though that you may not take a dog home from one of these events. All adopters must submit an application online and go through our screening process.

ICE Foundation K9 Rescue is a 100% volunteer based, not-for-profit organization. Our adoption fees are used to pay for things like ground and air transportation of the dogs, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries, unexpected/emergency medical bills and supplies such as food, collars and leashes for dogs living with foster families, boarding fees and training fees. At adoption time, often, we only receive back a small portion of what we have invested in the dog’s care. These funds are then reinvested back into the organization to help us save more dogs. There is no profit to be made in rescue!

Although ICE Foundation K9 Rescue cannot guarantee a dog’s temperament or wellness, our policy is to disclose everything we know about the dog during the adoption process. Our priority is to set both the dog and family up for lifelong success, and we will never intentionally withhold any pertinent information regarding a dog’s health or temperament.

All dogs will receive basic vet care before being adopted out, including up-to-date vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery if applicable and insurance coverage from Pet Secure for 6 weeks worth $500. Copies of these records will be shared with you.

We are a 100% volunteer based organization and rely solely on the generosity of the public. We receive no government funding. Often times, our adoption fees barely cover our operating expenses. If you would like to donate time, goods or money, we would gladly accept!

Fostering is one of the most important and impactful jobs in rescue. As we do not have a physical shelter, without our amazing network of volunteer fosters, we would not be able to save as many dogs as we do.

Fostering is also one of the most rewarding jobs in rescue. By providing a safe & loving home for a dog in need, not only are you freeing up a spot for another dog to be rescued, you’re helping to prepare the dog for adoption into his or her forever home. Foster homes also provide a more loving environment than most shelter facilities can. Many dogs are often overlooked in a noisy, scary shelter environment as they become too stressed. In a home setting, the dog’s true colors can shine.

ICE Foundation K9 Rescue covers all expenses related to the care of the dog. You just provide the love!

To apply to be a foster, or to learn more, please fill out an application here.